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THE MODELS CONSPIRACY 2 – Do models have sex?

  They do, eventually. When and how often this is another questions.

This “fragile” subject is open for stigmas and stereotypes, again!

Most  females models start their carrier while they still teenagers, without real experience  in sex that actually meant something and done well. Without real experience dealing with men’s body (one specific organ), and most important without exploring their own body (and there is a lot to explore ;-). more »

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Men that only want to fuck many women are weaker than the men that hold the same woman for years and keep her satisfied.

It is harder because men get used faster to their woman’s body as I mentioned in gone in 60 seconed”. more »


In the first season of the “Sex and the City”, second episode, a guy that dates only models says: “Models do have a brain they just don’t need to use it”.

I hate stigmas and stereotypes but at the same time I more »