THE MODELS CONSPIRACY 2 – Do models have sex?

  They do, eventually. When and how often this is another questions.

This “fragile” subject is open for stigmas and stereotypes, again!

Most  females models start their carrier while they still teenagers, without real experience  in sex that actually meant something and done well. Without real experience dealing with men’s body (one specific organ), and most important without exploring their own body (and there is a lot to explore ;-).

While they start working in the industry, most of the world think her mom and papa “made” her just for showing her body and be sexy. For that reason people think sex is a big part of her everyday life, 24/7. This assumption is so far from reality.

There is two “scenario” for those girls in this “conspiracy”:

One case is to enter this demanding industry with a boyfriend, a “high school sweetheart” like the Americans call it. In this case the couple face difficult tests, crises during their young love -the distance, the jealousy, the sacrifices they have to make, the thoughts and imagination that “crawl”  inside their heads. The emotional and physical needs that can’t be satisfied  in a professional  model  life-style.

Harsh relationship tests for anyone ! Especially for teens first love, and that what it is. The critical point is the age factor, young, virgin love that almost never going to last. In this case the couple will have sex with each other maybe once in 2-3 months, if  their lucky and faithful.

The second case is not entering the industry with a boyfriend, from variety of reasons.  She just didn’t care for guys in that age (felt like a kid), they didn’t interest her much. She didn’t like someone enough to even let him get closer.  But the most important reason is knowing.

 Knowing and fast thinking/planning, what she getting into, the type of  industry she going to work in. Making fast conclusions, it’s a bit similar to  business ,thinking far ahead, same in relationships. She don’t want to start something that has lower chances to work in the begin with.  

There is no right or wrong between the two cases but advantages and disadvantages that they need to be aware of. In the middle of their career they will get to the same point.

First case: can anyone make someone not to fall in love? Especially when you’re a teenager?

Can somebody  “fight” teenager hormones? Or their curiosity to explore the human body? The answers is no and no, even adults have troubles handle that, so we can’t expect it from teenagers. Most likely the first time she has sex, just small taste from the pleasure and meaning it’s supposed to give. But still a taste of this “creature” called man. With the difficulty trying to holding the relationship, the search for understanding her boyfriend and her own will. All of that make her stronger, more aware, honest, and mature.

Second case: there is a lot of sense in this case but at the same time a lot of innocence and, consecutively, mental work that make her stronger and mature too.


Lack of interaction. experience with men, could be painful while encountering   Men whores.

The guys she will meet in her line of work can be a potential lover/boyfriend.  But her life-style will make her work hard for that chance, put some extra afford to make it work. There is also matter of will, if she really want it? Need it? After years of been alone.

Another small disadvantage , not knowing guys in general, not just sex, the interaction itself in the relationship. A good close male friend/brother will never tell you the all true – what guys really want from their girlfriends.


  In both cases the years fly fast and than there are girls in the age of 27-30 who are virgin, or never been in love /in a long relationship. They still feel like kids in this sexual world.  

Who can blame them! Now (after you read), it make so much sense.

 Why should she compromise on a guy? Why having sex without love or feel complete with her decision, as much as possible, long as it take.

 They don’t have to think about wasted time or missing something. Everything about sex can be taught and explain (it’s not so complicated). It’s a matter of will and good communication with the partner. The excitement/fears of sex after a long time/first time is the same for everyone.


Some tips:

Women’s reach their  sexual peak around the age of 30, that a fact. So don’t rush it 😉

I mention good communication earlier, I believe a great lover could be also a good friend. Maybe not your best/number one friend, but very close to this level  of  openness  and  trust. 

Why? If I want certain things in our love making, from who I supposed to ask  it from If not from the person I penetrate/share bed with/love/trust/, a person who could be the mother of my children…get the point?

 Or should I ask it from another girl, and you know what that mean: one of the reasons of cheating.


Unfortunately  a lot of guys  can’t see difference, the  separation between  girl who work as model, appear half naked in pictures, dress sexy and so on, and  the person who is behind this façade, who she really and what coming out from her mouth. They look at her and think, this is what she is. Which lead to “dirty” propositions/comments/behavior, wrong assumptions, stereotypes and this is very sad. It come from ignorance, immature and lack of respect to women.


  You don’t have to have sex with someone just to “get it over with”, or because he push you. The same “rules” that apply on virgins works here as well, on a 28 years old model.  If he can’t wait leave him, beside there is a lot of stuff a couple can do to “help” each other “relax”.

More about friends here.

Sex is an important part of relationship, that why it should be done with a meaning and from pure interests, at least in the beginning 😉

A male friend that you know for a year or two months ago from work, school, facebook, it doesn’t matter from where as long both of you have in common the same interests and enjoy talking with each other. This male friend  could be great option for future spouse. Just don’t lie to him about his chances  to be with you or when you want to start trying/meet him.  

 Together with the other ways to meet I mention in Don’t you need somebody to love.


You  should   have no problem find a guy. Age and career can’t “stand” against your will. 

Wherever there’s a will, there’s a way…

Dedicated  to  super  girls, with a soul of a kid and a body of a goddess.

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