Yes, we are scared!! We are scared of beautiful women in general and if they are a “princess” or smart, it’s even worse.

Suddenly the “monster” laughs at all your funny comments and adds funny observations of her own.

People ask her a question in a foreign language and she will respond in 2-3 different languages.  She has an opinion almost on everything, has a lot of self-confidence, and on top of that you find her very sexy, and being attracted to her like bees to honey.

The future of this kind of meeting and even the entire Relationship depends on the type of man.  Can he handle this woman?

If we are talking about a man with average self-confidence, he has no chance.  If it is a man with fake high self-confidence, who talks about things he doesn’t know or understand, he thinks he is funny.

He can last few weeks, even months, but like any fake product he will not last long. The female intuition will “discover” him sooner or later (new article “Female Intuition” soon).

There is one factor that can “help” these men – money  (new article “Money vs. Love, Religion…), which leaves us with a few men, who are not millionaires but are well off. Because the men who are good in business and all together are quite successful, have the same “beautiful monster” phobia. + High confidence “backed up” by education, general knowledge, sense of humor, good looks etc.

When they interact with this type of woman, they may be in shock in the beginning at her, but soon they will be fast on their way to get the strategy right in order to keep this woman next to them.

But why do I use the metaphors, “monster” and “beast”?  And why do I have fear to interfere in the first place in this so called cupid “business”?

Its starts when a beautiful woman automatically has great features “attached” to her, good/interesting personality, intelligence, humor and so on. Of course reality sometimes “slaps” us in the face.  So why does it happen? Because the western society worships beauty and grants it power. And one of the most beautiful things in our world is the feminine beauty.

That can explainwhy rich men look for pretty women as a “reward/ trophy/ prize” for their achievements/success (more in a new article “Women as Resources”).

So, the average self-confident guys are afraid of a woman he’s never met in his life because he thinks she will be better than him, funnier, smarter and so on. That’s what our society told him. This also can explain why there are gorgeous single women nobody is “hitting” on in clubs, social events, etc.  Or why there are single career women in later ages.

Throughout the entire human history it has been proven,  over and over again, that power corrupts, darkening and obscuring the human soul.

And it’s not different another way round. Because the, so called, power plays “fair” for both – men and women.

The same power(beauty) that gets her what she wants in life, also, makes it harder for her to find pure love.

That power works as an “automatic filter” that filters men from afar without her even knowing about it. But at the same time it works the other way round.

A guy, who can handle this type of woman, will put the effort and whatever it takes to pass the “automatic filter”.

“Fear is the most powerful matchmaker/fixer”- one of my favorite sayings about love affairs.

The average guy fears the woman he just saw, is afraid to ask her, approach her. Which, in the end, makes him compromise or look for someone else .

The same fear happens to a beautiful woman – she fears that the man next to her is trying to find out if she is a gorgeous “monster”, so she stays quiet and compromises (more on “model conspiracy”).

Fear causes hesitation  and hesitation  will cause your worst fears to come true. Which is  staying alone, and nobody want that.

We are all afraid, it’s almost inhuman not to, but possible.

There are methods, tricks to overcome fear, to control it, or at least reduce it. The next saying will explain the fear – “soft spot” –

“If you piss your pants, you are not going to stay warm long enough.”


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