Men that only want to fuck many women are weaker than the men that hold the same woman for years and keep her satisfied.

It is harder because men get used faster to their woman’s body as I mentioned in gone in 60 seconed”. But I can understand the “men sluts”.  For hundred years women have “taught” us that in order to get sex, we need to work hard, invest time and money.  Then suddenly it offered for free, do we supposed not to take it?

In Milano the Italian playboys are common phenomenon but what more common is the thousands of models that work and live in the city. I never met an Italian playboy, all I know about them is from my models friends, but a playboy,man whore/hunter – you name it, is the same everywhere.

They look for one thing, their main “weapons” beside: looks, clothes, sharp words, is location, location, location!

Think how strong willed you have to be to live in a city full of models and at the same time having a long and serious relationship, based on love of course.

I’m not even talking about the rest of Italy that has a highest rate of cheating between couples, and more problems in this sphere.

90% of men on the planet that find themselves in the “Milano situation” will become men- whore in time, maybe in a different version but with the same purpose.

Because  we  are  weaker  than  women,  that’s all, few of us can resist  this kind of intensive temptations .

Another aspect is the thrill of hunting, gives great satisfaction to male ego.

On the other hand how much energy is wasted doing the “process” of that hunting, on the “searches”, just for one time entry as I mentioned in “gone in 60 seconds”.

And Murphy’s Law always “waits” for a time when you will be horny as hell but there is no “available sex” for you.

Our great and modern society still condones a man sleeping with a lot of women, which can’t be said when it comes for women leading the same style of life.

It always was and it always will be.
One of the reasons for that are men with high confidence, not thinking so much about what society has to say about their behavior.

Not like women that are more exposed to criticism from society, this is how the unfair balance is saved for better or worse.

How cruel an irony is this: a guy is seeking a fling, finds a serious and a great girl that “sits” on his conscience.

Or on the contrary, the same type of guy gets a girl, he can’t stand, pregnant and marries her in the end.
Even the feminine side has a cruel irony – a girl looking for a fling “falls” on a good guy and it’s making her mad!  “Fuck me and go” she says to herself.

Or on the contrary, she rejected lots of potential men for years and then compromises on a guy she did not want in the beginning with (the Princess Syndrome).

Some men think a guy has to sleep with a lot of women to know them, this   assumption is wrong.  You just have to be with them, like living with a wild tribe in Africa:  talking, asking questions and analyze responses.

Ask why they do what they do? And of course listen to them!

So why am I telling you this?  Redemption maybe? Let’s not be so dramatic Ok! You will find out in “man-whore part 2”.


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