There is a certain age in life that after  you pass it, you begin to hear voices. Not in your  dreams but in everyday life, it’s more like wedding bells that comes to your immediate surroundings. It comes from people that you have not heard the word “marriage” coming  out of their mouths before, now they are using it like it was “hello” or “how are you”.

Of course it comes more from your mom and family.
Usually it starts after 30-35  years old (different in every culture).

“What about finding a girlfriend?”, or  if you have one for years it is: “What with the  Wedding” ,there are all kinds of versions to the same meaning  .

This behavior  actually may  cause  future processes that will affect your relationship for worse!

Most guys have a certain age in their heads of the “big day”.

An age when they think they will know they are ready.

To Commit to marriage , to have a child.

A guy asked me: “Do you want to be an old dad?” So I asked:  “What do you mean old?  Old by age?  Or old by spirit?
I screamed at him to tell me exactly what he  meant  when he said: “old dad”.

His explanation was: “You need to have the energy, the patience  to play with your child”. I admit, it is an interesting  thought.

my response was: “Look, I don’t  know about you but I’m not going to reach  the age of 30 plus, get married and not moving from the  sofa.  Growing a “beer belly” or just be fat, I do intend to stay fit , and in shape”.

Today children need their dads to be “young” until they are thirteen or even less.

The rhythm of their life goes much faster in comparison with the life of previous generation. Now, computers have replaced most of the physical activity. The necessity for having young, energetic fathers have been reduced to the mere role of a driver, to transport a child to one place or another.

And that’s only until the child gets his/her own license.

This leaves you about 10 years to participate in all the child activities before you can be a “couch potato”.

Of course  there will be some exceptional cases of men who want to have a child after 40 and it would be quite legitimate, assuming their life style suited  it.

So time next someone bring up the  subject   “old dad” , be ready for a sharp and honest answer.

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