In this article I will refer only to men but it also applies to women as well.

Let start with the advantage of a fling/one night stand: quick satisfaction without conscience, without hesitations, without criticism, without expense.  No come and pick me up, no woman’ clothes in the closet, no “why you didn’t buy me”, no “why you didn’t shave”, no “why you didn’t call me” and so on.

You get one time access to female organs in few hours. In any other given day it would cost you money, energy, patience and more.
No need to give her orgasms, massages or do what she loves in sex,  because honestly, you just  don’t care.

As well as you cant’s care less how she looks in daylight or how she behaves.

Curiosity, you get to see different bodies, different sizes, different colors, make assumptions and comparisons.

When you 60 years old you will love to have those memories.

The hunt, the thrill, the rush in the blood of a man when he “conquests” a woman.  I will detail more about the excitement of men in another article.

Also there is a theory that single guys, guys that took the fling/one night stand “path” are look  younger from the married men. Their skin is less saggy, they got more hair on their head and in general in better shape.

These guys have got more time to spend with their friends and to get involved in their lives.

More available to hobbies: sports, video games and more boys’ stuff.

They believe they are many options for them out there and it is very difficult to commit to just one.


Each time you “jump” between girls you start to develop emotional barriers that grow with time, while you getting older.

Until it becomes very hard for you to show emotions to a person you really care about, and that is a real tragedy my friends.

The more you get older, the more difficult  it becomes to adjust your personal life style, your home, to your spouse.

After years of being on your own, you are used to sleeping, eating, and living alone.

Almost all the things I mentioned as advantages become disadvantages with time (I will explain).

The reasons why.

It is a crazy paradox, the guy who prefers flings wakes up in a certain stage in his life, when he realizes how much time he wasted on that style life.

Not only time, energy, money, but everything just for one more “conquest”.  The money he saves from being single he spends on material things to show off – cars and so on.
Just to make a fake impression in order to achieve the next fling  faster .
The New Metrosexsual man is more sensitive than before and that’s a fact.

He wants to receive a caring phone call, asking how his is doing today, how he slept or what he ate and he doesn’t want to hear it from his mom!  He wants to hear it from the woman he cares about, the only problem is how many calls …

A lot of men prefer the “quiet + peace of mind way”, meaning situation that they have  “free access/pass” any time to  sex, boobs, vagina and more of their girlfriend’s body parts.

Another significant shortcoming is also regarding sex, we want to do things to you that can’t be done in a short time or “uncomfortable” places. What usually happens in doing fling/one night stand.

There are few men that “drag” relationship on purpose, just to get more “achievements” in sex. It could be strange positions that they saw in a porn sites or a secret fantasy, they use the woman  to get what they want and after….

Those men are almost impossible to recognize, they are smart, look good, know how to flirt with a woman and where to touch. But without conscience, luckily they are a Minority.

Curiosity, tiring over time, men get used to things faster than women,  whether it is a car, money, and believe it or not, even to the body of his woman. Sad but true, the same body he so desired to “explore and discover” are now his.

The same act of penetration will still be the same if a guy will do it to a million women, he will get used to them as well.

It seems there are a lot of possibilities out there, in the single world,

but it is all part of the illusions as mentioned in the “Princess”.

If a guy chooses the “fling” way, most likely he will sleep alone at the age of 40 and beyond.

In the end of the night: Breasts will always remain breasts, ass will be ass, etc.  There is no new “development” in this “area” for thousands of years.

Women get more emotionally excited during penetration, their hearts “connected” to their vaginas.

Our “Godfather” is very independent, a dictator, that’s why it is easier for us to “escape” after sex or go to sleep.

I consider this “vagina connection” as an advantage and disadvantage for both sides.

For men the sex  is  advantage, the disadvantage is the high possibility the woman that he just had a onetime thing with , will fall in love with him.

For women sex is also an advantage, the disadvantage is knowing in her mind this guy is a waste of time and, still, she is coming back for one last time, “maybe he will be mine”, she thinks with her heart.

So why be with one woman and not hundreds? A Million dollar question.

What men really want from women?  Food and sex 😉

Basically men are simpler than women, from that concept of simplicity alone there is an indication to be with one woman and not bouncing between several women.

There are a lot of guys out there who think they can control when they will get merry or find the right girl for them.

In 99% of the cases it will never happen, Murphy’s Law and Cupid don’t “work” this way. In “Man Whore” I will detail more about the consequences.

Flings happen more because of men, but that doesn’t stop the woman asking about it, mostly in the early stage of the relationship.

Why women ask that? What do they want to hear? “Yes, you are my next fling”,  “fling…what is it?”.

I assume they look for this answer: “Yes, I used to be that way but I’m not any more, since I met you”.

From men’ point of view, most guys don’t want  a girl that does flings.

We also do not want to know how many there were, who are they and when.

To our ego you are a virgin or at least we are your first true love.
Like the famous saying goes:  “Men always want to be their women’ first love, women want to be a man’s last romance.”


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