Since when has it become embarrassing or shameful to say “Yes, I’m looking for a man!”

What is more “embarrassing” to spend the holidays alone? To face the ultimate question from your mom “when do you get marry”/ why don’t you have a steady boyfriend? Or when a desk clerk asks if you are still single? I believe not.

There are “links” to love all around us. “Agents” I call them, they can find anyone for us, like any search engine.

Such as: any close or distant cousin that you met on holydays/once a year, a guy/girl that works out next to you in the gym;  a person that is working with you; an old friend that you have not seen in ages, even the same mom that asks you the ultimate question. All you need to say is “I’m looking/searching”, especially if they ask you if you are still single. Everyone of them is a walking “Face book profile” with a friends list that you can look for.

It’s that simple, the more “agents” you get working for you out there, the more chances that you will find your love.

For instance, social sites/ dating sites come to help us, because we are all so busy with career, making money, that we don’t spend time looking for love. Let me remind you: The original reason Face book came to this world was: to find love!!!

But we are still not using all our “tools” wisely. People still think love will come to them like a present from Santa Claus, and still are embarrassed to say they met in the internet/Face book.

It comes to that, the actual “task” of finding love is not the first or seconded priority in our list of things we want to achieve in life. If you are Okay with that, that’s fine. If you think you can plan it you’ve got another thing coming. Love is not going to knock on your door like a pizza delivery!!

“You order love at 8 P.M. 27th of December in the age of 30”.

Until you understand that finding love, only to find! I’m not even talking about the hard work needed be done to maintain it later!

Only to find it, it takes work, risk, a “goal” that takes time and resources. Like everything else in life. As long as you don’t do it, you are doomed to be alone or not in love, and nobody wants that.

Think how many future relationships could be found if both sides were honest and said to themselves “Yes, I’m interested”, “I’m curious”, “Let’s try”, “I want”. Forget both sides, only one is enough for at least a try.

The world is getting smaller, globalization, fast communication (internet, Skype, cell phone), international language (English) and more. Make life easier for us to interact with other people.

We are social creatures by nature just like the famous saying: “Never go against your nature”. You will always lose.

A 50 year old “playboy/hunter” once said to me: “Everyone is looking!!!” he shouted at me after I told him “I don’t think she is interested in relationship”. He said: “If she or he is single they are looking, don’t believe people when they say “I’m fine”, “Don’t worry about me”.

Today I know that it’s “old friend’s” destructive ego makes people say those words (new article).

But ego doesn’t leave his smell on your pillow…

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