Everyone tell us that love is something special, real, above all, always wins, spiritual and physical at the same time, a magical, very clear, love or not love, pure instinct.

But during the years love has become a complex of material and spiritual things. It’s like a “list” that men and women are looking for.

It’s come to a situation that people do not know what  falling in love naturally is any more, all the process itself passed a preliminary screening even before the couple had a short conversation .

Many things have changed women, technology (dating sites), global mobility, brain research, anthropology, study of relationships and more. But not love, it does not need to change, that is the magic of it. It’s ancient and keeps the uniqueness of thousands of years.

Today more than ever Love is on the verge of “extinction.”

Why are we such hypocrites, saying we want to fall in love meanwhile making a list of how our love should look like?

Over 175 cm, black hair, green eyes, slim, muscular but not too much, my parents have to love him, money, car, sense of humor, confident, sensitive, romantic, of course I can go on and on until Bill Gates will call to me and say “Dude, you finish all my “word” files.

Such list “sits” inside our brain, men and women!  Men have a shorter list.

These categories figure up for us the concept of love, as a computer processor. It runs in our head when we date someone, who, also, has his own list!  A “package” with which he comes into a relationship!!

No wonder we are tired of looking for love because we are not looking for love – we are looking for lists. A guy once told me to look in a girl 5 features: physical attraction, her family (you marry her family as well), her mind (what suits you), age and money. You choose the priority.

This is average typical male version of the “list”. The female version is much, much more detailed.

At first I rebelled: “What happens if you fall in love and discover a completely different list?” For him there is no such option for you to begin with.  Don’t start it, but if you do, cut it fast before someone gets hurt.

Women work with emotions more than men so they find themselves in a more difficult situations, trapped.

For example: everything happens so fast since the first date: long phone calls, walks on the beach, passionate kisses, meeting every day and then suddenly:  “Wait!  You do not match/fulfill my list. Suddenly her list rises up to life and stands before her like legs’ hair.

There is no wait!  You fell in love in the purest way, what will you do now? To go against your heart is treason to yourself.

I do not envy these dilemmas.

I say if it happened, so it’s fate and you love romantics stories about fate. Well then go through with it. If you do not, you will go through suffering and live with a sense of a loss.

This is one of the most difficult feelings to live with.

Dominate your list, understand its meaning.

Like doing your grocery list, ask yourself “Do I really need it?”

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