Love is a special feeling, a feeling of security/ confidence when you know that somebody loves you, and usually it’s a bit more than you love him.

The “love backup” built in every normal relationship, man and woman “build” it together, that’s the beauty of relationship “giving shoulder”, “support ”  to one and another any time when need.

This “back up” contains a lot of features and habits, some men will say it is a “long list” but they also know this is the only way relationship works, especially in the long term.

Starting from patience, attention till not being late to your dates; keeping promises, all of these and many more give you a sense of security that you can trust the person next to you.

It is similar to ancient times when men had to provide protection and food.

Not much has changed since then, a woman needs to feel that confidence/ security. Of course, not all the time but most of the time, if she will not feel it from you someone else will make her feel it.

Luckily I’ve been loved by a certain type of women, a bit more than I loved her (if you read my articles you will know what the type of women i mean).

Sometimes I remember that feeling, the feeling of “superiority” that your woman will do anything for you because she wants, because she is in love with you, and you “made” her this way (great for male ego.)

And when it disappears or taken away, you get flashbacks, pictures popping in your head like you come back for warzone. Pictures of your   moments together, things she has done for you. Not just sexual things, but in general: cooking, letters, old phone messages; the spark in her eyes when you meet after a long time not being together. Other people who know things about you just because she told them and you find it out only after….

Even if you do not love her anymore or miss her, you miss the feeling of being “together”.

The idea of being a couple and all what comes with it.

Then you start to think maybe you did the mistake of your life? How do we know if we missed the love of our life, especially when it was in our hands; or around us for years? How far a man should go with his intuition or his “gut feeling”? What about facts and past experiences?

This all feels very uncomfortable, now you should convince your mind and heart that you did the right choice. To reconstruct the facts and analyze the conclusions that led you to that decision, like any research studies.

I think before you get that decision try to make a list – disadvantages and advantages – of what matters to you the most in a partner.

And if you broke someone heart it is like a scar on your conscience.

But despite reaching the point of “can’t go back” when you finally come to a hard decision, don’t hesitate, because if you do your worst fears come true. In this case, the fear is: not to be complete and satisfied with your decision.

And that my friend is the heaviest feeling to live with – “What would happen if?”

Dedicated to all the ex out there.

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