In the first season of the “Sex and the City”, second episode, a guy that dates only models says: “Models do have a brain they just don’t need to use it”.

I hate stigmas and stereotypes but at the same time I understand that people use it to simplify their world. But if we let stigmas and stereotypes “decide” for us where to work, with whom to talk, who should be our friends and most importantly prevent us from meeting our love. We let them take control of our life.

It’s absurd because we struggle so hard during our mature life to gain control over our life to begin with.

“Models are stupid”, “models don’t need to use their brain” , I can go on forever. The worst part is there are always some people who will add more “fuel”, more “wood  to the fire”: “they are spoiled sluts”, “sleep with photographers/people from the industry to get jobs” and more.  Some of that is true, but it’s true also for so many other aspects in life as well.

When I started my models search/research for beauty and brain I met a model on face book. We talk almost on a daily basis, jumping for one topic to another, fashion, Muslim, movies, healthy   food, gym, basic history of our countries, holydays and more.

In the middle of our conversation I said something like “I’m so impressed that you know all this stuff” and she asked “why”?

After 3 seconded I asked myself why I said that, why I reacted like those people that use stigmas and stereotypes? I m better than that!

I want and need to believe it was just a bad habit. I asked her if she talked with her models friends like we do, she said usually she didn’t, and then this article was born. I ask more questions, really “dug” in the subject. I found out that in all kinds of social events, workplaces, castings or even when few models met.

Every time when a certain subject comes up and is not about fashion/ beauty they keep their mouth shut. The stereotype paralyzes them to speak their mind/ opinion!

The same reasons that bring her strength in modern society hold her back!! Although she happens to know that topic/subject as a fact!! Or just doesn’t like what she hears and would like to respond!!

It’s outrageous!! How can you blame those people that say “models are stupid” if you are not talking? And prove them wrong.

It gets even worse, if she doesn’t share and compare her knowledge, how she will know if the words that are coming out from her mouth are making sense?

It is like this, she needs to be sure that the person that talks to her is not going to correct her or one of those people that use stigmas and stereotypes. But I say who cares!!? Everyone does mistakes, it’s only human.

If you can’t take the criticism, that’s also fine. But why let stigmas and stereotypes “hide” the person that you are?

If the model has a low self-confidence it’s a deadly combination.

If her boyfriend doesn’t give her that confidence to speak her mind everywhere, that’s wrong and not going to last.

There are people who can’t accept that there are models who are smart and have an opinion almost about everything. It is too much for them. They are jealous to see a person who looks great and smart, all in one “package”.

They are terrified of these women. Unfortunately men are a huge percentage of that group (new article).

Why is it so hard to imagine a beautiful model that knows things and I’m not talking Chemical Physics or Rocket Science.  just topics and common interests that ironically bring people closer, especially in  years of relationship, after we are not attractive and beautiful anymore.

This article is dedicated to all you models/ beautiful Women out there that suffer comments, strange looks, and prejudices day after day.

for one in particular…

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