Thousands of years have passed from the days of the princesses and knights, and still nothing has change. The men are still committed to bring food, provide shelter, though in our days it is narrowed down to money (another article). No matter how Independent and successful  woman you are.

The modern princess has a list of features and material “things” as long as her compliments on facebook, which she requires from her future knight.

So who is this modern princess?  From her birth her parents have been spoiling her, pleasing her all the time. If she is a really beautiful girl she have probably grown up with this strong feeling of the “world is mine”, living in a pink/ bubble world. Along with a feedback from the environment, especially men, who are not aware how much damage they do!

Every flattering comment, every exaggerated compliment will add more days/months/years of loneliness to that girl/princess.

All of that “drains” to the reality world of relationships, dating and finding love.

From the heights of the Olympus she looks down upon us – She is gorgeous, stunning and beautiful, a piece of art.  She was created to be pretty and waiting for her knight to come someday or whenever she will want.

Time does not apply to her, she thinks she will look great at 30 years old as she looked at 19 years old.

She thinks her “value” rises every year as her bank account or her education.

She has more than 2000 pictures and friends on facebook.

She doesn’t return messages and friends’ requests, because she’s afraid you will fall in love with her, the second she answers back, and pull out a wedding ring!! Propose through the screen!

The tragedy is that in the future when she will wait for that ring even by carrier pigeon, but few guys will be there.

And most of them will not be the kind of “knights” she wanted.

She thinks she knows what she wants from life and her future man, her ego make the most decisions that are related to relationships.

“In myth, the story is often vague in terms of facts and objective, but the truth of the myth is determined by the legitimacy of society.  The myth is true as long as it serves the group that distributed it.  That what gives it a status of a special story.”

Legitimacy mentioned in the quote meaning:  guys that continue to “feed” and “nourishing” the ego of the princesses and that how the myth is preserved.

“Nourishing” comes in many forms, such as 300 inbox, flattery comments on pictures, even begging for oral sex in the relationship itself.

So who’s to blame for the princess myth?

Women or men? Or, perhaps, even our education?

Let us assume it is not our fault, we are raised to worship beauty (another article).

Beauty cult goes “hand in hand” with the princess myth.

It provides the legitimacy of the myth, for example, this kind of worship “active” in the media, than the myth is “approve”, for her community / society, meaning all of us.

Men receive all kinds of “reviews” during their life, but moving their asses and doing something about it!

Going to the gym, do waxing/laser, working all day to get more money for the princess, studying, trying to develop spiritually and financially.

What did the princess do all that time?

Let’s say she did the same (few). So do not patronize us and let us feel Inferior, doing us a favor by giving us to touch you.

On the contrary you are supposed to appreciate the difficulty of these things because you did them as well.

But unfortunately that is not the case – you still think you are a princess, that doesn’t need to change her ways, “lift your finger” or just to try to understand us.

For you the knight will come whenever you want, fall on you from the sky in the middle of your shopping tour.

The powerful reality is, there is no “knight” on a white horse and he will not come whenever you need him.

Why not “meet us half way” a little bit before waiting for the “one”? Statistical the “one” does not come. Instead comes cellulite, 30+, pressure from family, hardship to compromise things in relationship.

And just for the record – not all men drool on the keyboard while viewing your photos and writing comments. In various social web sites the princess continues to believe the illusion that there are thousands of suitors knocking on her door.  Like zombies “let us in to your heart”, once again reality “slaps” the illusion.

But let’s assume I’m wrong and really there are so many suitors, so why not choose one?

What’s wrong with all of them? What are the chances that the “one”/knight is in the dozens of messages you receive in your profile, work with you or sitting next to you in class for 3 years, I think more than the “knight”.

It’s like the story about the lion and the zebra: “the lion goes hunting (feminism), suddenly he sees hundreds of zebras running, he stops, stands up, looks, doesn’t know who to choose to be his prey because there are so many to choose from.  In the end he stays hungry. You want to stay hungry?

Love is everywhere, we just need to reach out and take it.

When was the last time you were in a relationship that connected your world and his? When will you learn things about him and men in general?

When was the last time you fell in love without ego or interest, pure love, that gave you experience and self-recognition of your weaknesses, your “performance” in a relationship?

Now ask yourself when you’re planning to do it.

After graduation, after promotion, after the age of 29, you think you can “plan” such a thing?

We all want to fall in love and marry out of true love, not to compromise on our partner.  What are we going to do about it?

Solutions are in “dont you need somebody to love”.

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